Have you ever felt like you’re on autopilot in your own version of hell? (OUCH!)

You’re unhappy ... but feel like you have no reason to be unhappy.

You’re stuck … but have no idea how to make a change.

Your life isn’t the life you dreamed of … but you have no idea how to get from here to there, or even where “there” is.


I’ve been there, sister.


I used to live my life in a fog of unhappiness.


At one point, I was in a relationship where I was told I smiled too big, I was embarrassing, I was too much.


I felt like my weight defined me.


I was always trying to shrink. Make myself smaller so I didn’t stand out. Make other people feel more comfortable around me. Not rock the boat.


I started making small changes -- and that’s when everything changed.


I found my joy again. I left that relationship. 


And I became a life coach because I want to help women find their joy.


Here’s a hint: finding your joy is not about doing more of what you think you “should” do.




When you coach one-on-one with me, the first thing we do is abandon the “shoulds".


We start digging into the “wants". That’s where the juicy stuff lives.


Even if all you want is to stay in bed and watch Netflix.


When we honor our wants and desires in small ways, our larger wants and desires begin to make themselves known.


And that’s where the magic happens.


That’s where you find your purpose: your sweet spot of service to the universe.


The gifts that only you can bring.


The yearning that’s deep and pure because it’s connected to a need you know you can fill and you want to fill.



The Transformation
More confident
More authentic
More joyful
More … you.

Busting at the Seams with Joy


Are you ready to transform your life one small change at a time?
Let’s do this.

6 Month Coaching Package
    • 1-30 minute “Set Your Intentions” initial session

    • 12-60-minute coaching sessions (2 sessions per month x 6 months)

    • An open door policy to email 24/7- I correspond during my set office hours.


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Meet Nicole Whiting
I’m Nicole, an entrepreneur and mother of two. I love to work with women who have a deep desire to find and embrace their most authentic selves. I’m also a runner. Running is in my blood!


I am all about a no-nonsense, take charge accountability approach. This is about you showing up for yourself and taking charge of your life. I can’t do that for you. What I can do is hold you accountable on your commitment you make with me, which is why I do not do refunds. Don’t miss out, you are the only one who loses.